10 expressões em inglês que você deve saber

By Martina D. - julho 02, 2017

1. Home body - caseiro (a)
She likes staying at home, she's home body.
2. To go out of your way - exagerar (de propósito)
I think they go out of their way when they ask you to get a C&A card.
3. Show off - se achar, se exibir
Some people show off at any time, and in front of anyone.
4. Hit on - dar mole
I think he's hitting on you.
5. Killjoy - estraga prazeres
You are a killjoy when you say these things
6. Call off - cancelar
I have to call off the appointment with the doctor.
7. Crap - porcaria
This is crap cause it's cheap.
8. Word of mouth - boca a boca
The word of mouth marketing is a good way to advertise your work.
9. Bother - incomodar
Am I bothering you?
10. Watch out - tome cuidado
Watch out, the cars go fast on this road

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